Genies (also called jinn or genii) are spirits in cultures of the Middle East and Africa. The term genie comes from the Arabic word jinni, which referred to an evil spirit that could take the shape of an animal or person. It could be found in every kind of nonliving thing, even air and fire. Jinn (the plural of jinni) were said to have magical powers and are favorite figures in Islamic literature. To the Mende people of Sierra Leone in Africa, genii are spirits who occasionally try to possess living men. The Mende use magic to fight genii who enter the living.

In ancient Rome, the term genii, the plural form of the Latin word genius, referred to the spirits that watched over every man. The genius was responsible for forming a man's character and caused all actions. Believed to be present at birth, genius came to be thought of as great inborn ability. Women had a similar spirit known as a juno. Some Romans also believed in a spirit, called an evil genius, that fought the good genius for control of a man's fate. In later Roman mythology, genii were spirits who guarded the household or community.

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Oct 13, 2014 @ 3:15 pm
a jinn to hide
according to Islam
a genie is a nodite, a species who predates man. real in the flesh and can have book of Enoch Cain married the genie from Nod Ramona and they had Enoch a nephilum as a neph is a human genie mix. fallen angels are genie.
later the sethites were not having girls so many married genies from Nod giving birth to the nephilum, Noah the last untrained sethites married the genie Cainite from Nod Naamah and Naamah had three neph ham the common harden variety neph a black giant and ham had cush and Canaan who carried on giant line. Sem and Japheth were also neph but looked like dad. Naamah handed us all down the curse of original sin or genie base genetic code. it makes us over precious.

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