Peleus, a figure from Greek mythology, is best known as the father of the Greek hero Achilles* and the husband of the sea nymph Thetis. As a youth, Peleus was banished from his homeland after he killed one of his brothers. Peleus suffered misfortune everywhere he went and fled from two kingdoms during his life.

Zeus* himself arranged for Peleus to marry Thetis. Zeus loved Thetis, but he decided to abandon his courtship when he learned that the fates had declared that Thetis's son would become more powerful than his father. After marrying Peleus, Thetis bore him a son named Achilles. She tried to make the infant immortal by holding him in fire to burn away his human weakness. Peleus, however, was horrified and stopped Thetis, leaving Achilles' heel vulnerable. Angered, Thetis abandoned her family and returned to the sea.

nymph minor goddess of nature, usually represented as young and beautiful

immortal able to live forever

Peleus became king of Phthia, but he was overthrown by his enemies when Achilles left for the Trojan Warf. Thetis took pity on Peleus and brought him back to her sea cave, where they lived together forever.

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