The mythology of the Lovedu people of South Africa includes a series of deities known as Mujaji. They are rain queens who send drought to their enemies but cause rain to fall on their people.

The original Mujaji, sometimes called Mujaji I, lived in isolation and was considered both wise and immortal. She mated with her father, Mugodo, and gave birth to Mujaji II, who succeeded her mother as queen. During the reign of Mujaji II and her daughter Mujaji III, the Lovedu homeland was invaded by Europeans and Zulus. Although the Europeans conquered the Lovedu, the tribe and its beliefs survived. These two rain queens were followed by Mujaji IV

deity god or goddess

immortal able to live forever

ritual ceremony that follows a set pattern

According to the Lovedu, Mujaji IV continues to oversee the supply of rainfall and the cycle of seasons in their land. People make offerings to Mujaji and perform dances to please her. A rain doctor assists by seeking the cause of any droughts and performing rituals to remove obstacles that block Mujaji's rainmaking powers.

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