Gluskap, a culture hero of the Algonquian-speaking people of North America, created the world and has helped his people in many situations. According to Native American mythology, Gluskap was responsible for making all the good things in the universe—the air, the earth, the animals, and the people—from his mother's body. His evil brother Malsum created the mountains and valleys and all the things that are a bother to humans, such as snakes.

There are many tales about Gluskap's adventures and how he serves his people, teaching them to hunt, fish, weave, and do many other useful things. In one story, a giant monster steals all the water and will not share it with anyone else. At the end of the story, Gluskap fights the monster and turns it into a bullfrog. In another myth, Gluskap frees all the rabbits in the world, which are

culture hero mythical figure who gives people the tools of civilization, such as language and fire

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being held prisoner by the Great White Hare. The rabbits then become food for his people.

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