In the mythology of the Bushmen of southwestern Africa, Cagn is the god who created the world and all the people and things in it. In some stories, he dies and then comes back to life. Cagn is also called Kaang, Kho, and Thora.

In the beginning, Cagn had a friendly relationship with human beings. After people began to show disrespect toward their creator god, however, Cagn sent death and destruction to the world. He left the earth to live somewhere far off in the sky According to the Bushmen, only the antelopes know exactly where he is.

ogre hideous monster

Cagn's power is thought to reside in one of his teeth. Sometimes he lends the tooth to someone who needs extra power. Although he can work through all natural things, he most often appears in the form of a mantis and a caterpillar. Myths about Cagn describe his triumphs over giants, ogres, and evil spirits. These tales inspire the Bushmen in their fight against Gauna, the evil leader of the spirits of the dead.

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