In the Christian tradition, Armageddon is where the final battle will take place between the forces of God and the forces of Satan. The battle, in which evil will finally be defeated, will be followed by the Day of Judgment. On that day, all souls will be judged by Christ, who will decide whether to send them to heaven or to hell. Armageddon is mentioned just once in the Bible, in the sixteenth chapter of the New Testament book of Revelation.

The term Armageddon means "hill of Megiddo," which was an ancient town in what is now northern Israel. Megiddo stood at the crossroads of military and trade routes that connected Egypt, Israel, Phoenicia, Syria, and Mesopotamia*. Numerous battles were fought at Megiddo because of its strategic location. Over time, the word Armageddon began to be used to mean any great battle.

See also Satan .

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